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About Maurice Lindsay

MAURICE LINDSAY is an activist, social historian, writer and teacher. He is best-known for his widespread black liberation blog,, where he shares untaught biblical and historical truths about the African Diaspora. He is also the founder and CEO of Blessed Press, the publishing company behind his best-selling book series, Wake Up To Your True Identity. Using his God-given gift of enlightening through writing, coupled with his uncompromising love for his people, Mr. Lindsay inspires African-Americans nationwide to break bad habits and reach for a higher level of personal and spiritual growth.

The passion which fuels the outspoken activist/author to liberate the minds of his people, stems from the pain of the many years he spent polluting the minds of his people. Prior to becoming a publisher and best selling author, Maurice spent the majority of his late teens and early 20’s running the streets, dealing drugs, totting pistols and committing various other crimes. As a petty street thug and dope dealer, the young Maurice not only sold drugs to his people, but also proudly promoted the lifestyle to those in his community who looked up to him. He was arrested a few times on drug and gun-related charges, but was never convicted of any crimes. However, after witnessing so many of his childhood friends go to jail or get gunned down in the streets, he decided it was a time for change.

At the age of 24 years old, Maurice decided to leave the streets and dope dealing alone and move back in with his parents to regroup. In search of ways to do something positive with his life, he picked up a book called “How To Get Out Of Your Own Way” written by Tyrese Gibson and read the first real book he’d ever read since middle school. After reading that book, Maurice recalls of having a “fire” lit up in him to do and become something great. From there, he began to read every self-help book he could get his hands on and subsequently fell in love with the process of personal development. Influenced by his girlfriend, who is now his wife, He later began going to church and eventually surrendered his life over to Yah (God) and accepting His son Yahusha (Jesus) as his savior. He then became a student of the bible, studying day and night on the biblical principles that the prophets and the disciples taught.

After months and months of personal growth from applying the biblical teachings to his life, he started to journal what he learned from reading the bible and other books on a small blog, called Value Your Identity (which later became His articles began to spread online fast, and after touching the lives of thousands internationally with his inspirational writing, requests started coming in for personal one-on-one counseling and mentoring from others who came from his walk of life. Honored and grateful for the chance to help his people overcome the same pitfalls and struggles that he himself overcame, Maurice then dedicated his life to the serving his people. And he’s been serving his people ever since!

Through writing and mentoring, Maurice has awakened and inspired the lives of black people all across the globe to rise above their circumstances and become the champions that Yah (God) created them to be. Today, Mr. Lindsay is an author/activist and uses his voice to speak out against the system of white supremacy that America upholds to keep black people oppressed. As one of the few black leaders who (hasn’t sold out) stands up for black people regardless of the consequences, Maurice is beloved by the black community, both in America and abroad. Called and chosen by God, the boy who once leading his people to darkness, is now a man leading them to the light.

Maurice currently resides in Georgia with his wife, Ashley and their four children. For speaking engagements or media request, please email