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Are You Committed?

by Maurice Lindsay on March 31, 2014

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In this “me first” culture that we live in today, it’s no wonder why anything that requires commitment is massively failing.

  • The increase of the divorce rate
  • The increase of fatherless and motherless children
  • The increase of people giving up on their dreams and life’s calling

These are all signs of saying one thing, but as times get rough, doing the opposite.

People’s word are no longer good anymore. Our generation doesn’t have the integrity and tenacity that generations of past did. The things that we complain and grumble over today, are the same things that our great grandfathers and grandmothers fought for us to have. But since we didn’t have to go through what they did to get what we have — we take it for granted.

So instead of appreciating all of the amazing opportunities that are set before us like — we view them as things we deserve to have, rather than being thankful to have them.

This produces a spirit of entitlement and selfishness, where we just want more. And when we get more, we want more.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more from life, but your reasoning for wanting more has to be bigger than you, so that you have a purpose to keep striving, when things get tough.

Without purpose, life is meaningless. And no one wants to commit to a meaningless life. I know I don’t.

One of my greatest joys in life is giving myself to others and watching them grow in return because of what I gave to them. But this takes commitment. And the reason why I’m able to commit to this is because my “why” is bigger than me. I know that if i don’t commit to helping others reach their goal, I won’t reach my goal; and as a result my me and my family will suffer.

Purpose is what sparks commitment.

You can have all the ambition to succeed in the world, but without purpose, the achievement of your goal will never satisfy the hunger in your soul.

Committing To A Life Beyond Yourself

If you don’t have a purpose to wake up and grind every morning other than pleasing yourself, you won’t be able to commit to your goal because your life doesn’t have much meaning to it.

The person you aspire to be and the life you dream of living can only be achieved by a relentless, unwavering commitment to a purpose beyond yourself.

If you commit to being a great ____, you’ll eventually become one.

No matter what you fill in that blank, the statement after the comma is always going to be true.

Throughout my journey in personal development, every single thing that I’ve 100% committed myself to that was bigger than me, has eventually come into fruition or is in the process.

When I started this blog that you’re reading back in October 2012, I made a commitment to myself to publish at least 2 articles a month that will inspire people to discover who they are in Christ and live more authentic lives regardless if I get paid from blog or not; and if you check my archives, you will see that I have kept my commitment.

As a result of keeping my commitment, I have receive countless emails saying how much my articles have transformed people lives. I’ve also been nominated for two blog awards, and been invited to speak at some pretty cool places. And while I appreciate the effect that my writing has had on people, the person I’ve become from keeping my commitment has been my biggest reward.

Since starting this blog, I’ve developed the habit of reading at least 3 new books per month, listening to personal development audios 7 days a week, and constantly receive mentoring from people much wiser than I am — all because if I don’t do these things I won’t have enough in me to pour back into you — therefore I won’t be able to write to you 2 articles per month. And the person I have become and still am becoming as a result of keeping my commitment is worth more to me than any accolades the world can give me.

Another example of how me keeping my commitment to a purpose bigger than myself has come into existence is when I married my wife earlier this year. In front of the entire audience, I made a commitment to her and God that I would take in her daughters and love them forever as if they were my own blood, and so far so good. As a result of this commitment, it teaches me how to be more patient, how to care for someone more than I care for myself, and it gives me a new purpose; a reason to grind hard and become a better person so that I am able to provide them with the knowledge, wisdom, and finances they need to get where God desires to take them in life.

But as much as I love being able to be a positive father figure in their life that they need, I have learned more from raising them then they have probably learned from me. And the little things that I learn from interacting with my girls gives me a new perspective and helps me understand people in general much better.

This allows me to give people a much broader world view when I’m mentoring  them; and I have my girls to thank for that.

You Need Commitment in Order to Grow

The change in your life that you are looking for can only come from making and keeping your commitments. By moving to a more committed lifestyle, you learn how to be a true friend, meet a deadline, follow through on a task, and fight through a challenge. Commitment helps us become better people. It builds our character and strengthens our faith.

There are certain characteristics that you must develop in order to reach your destiny that only pain and suffering can teach you. Yeah it sucks while you’re going through it, but it’s equipping you to be able to handle the task that God has set before you. And the only way to get to that next level is by committing to the level you’re on.

The biggest lesson I learned from life is this: You don’t get out of life what you want, you get out of life who you are.

Meaning, the situation you are in today is a reflection of the person you are right now or the person you were in the past.

If you’re a go getter, then you either have or will have what you desire because you will stop at nothing to get it. But if you’re a quitter, then you don’t and will never have what you desire because you’re not willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

Dreams don’t come true until the dreamer decides to wake up and make them his reality. And that requires commitment.

If you’re not willing to fight for the life you want; you don’t deserve to live it.

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